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What To Expect From Professional Web Design Services? Find Here!


You have decided to redesign your business website. The next apparent step is to look for web design companies, because this is a onetime job, and you don’t have to hire an in-house team for that. There are plenty of web design services in Singapore, but what can you really expect from an experienced company? Here’s a quick take. 

Comprehensive services

Most web design companies do websites, but they are also often well-versed with mobile app development (iOS & Android), Content Management Systems (CMS), and eCommerce development. If the same company can also handle SEO and online marketing, it could be a big advantage for your brand. 

Free website audit

Before a company offers their quote, they will offer a free website audit, where they will evaluate the performance of the existing website, to find design and UI issues and on-page SEO problems. This service is chargeable in some cases, but is critical. 

Interest in your brand

Your website is an extension of your brand, and you have to find a web design company that understands the associated values and goals. They must be interested in knowing your business and must align their expertise around these aspects. 

A no-obligation quote

Getting a quote from any service should be an easy thing, and the concerned company shouldn’t ask for commitment right away. Make sure that their quote is inclusive of all costs, and they must clearly mention other details like what’s included for the price, the extent of support they will provide, and the time required to complete the project. 

Finally, web design companies should show eagerness in discussing the work they have done so far, and they must offer references on request. Check some of the latest websites the team has done and evaluate the overall quality of their work. 


How To Compare The Top Web Development Firms? Check Here!


Selecting a web design & development service for redesigning your business website can be an overwhelming task. Most companies will offer easy quotes, and each one may claim to be the best in the industry. What does it really take to compare the top web development firms? We have a few pointers that may help. 

Recent work matters

Don’t judge a web design company merely on the number of projects they have done so far. You have to evaluate and understand if the concerned service has done good work in the last two to three years. Services that have been around for a while will never shy away from discussing their work profile and will also provide references on request. 

Services offered

Every web development firm is different when it comes to offerings. For instance, some companies may only do simple websites, while another may have experience with content management systems and ecommerce design. If the same company can also handle SEO and online marketing work, you could use their comprehensive services. 

Looking beyond the price

When it comes to web design, don’t select a company simply because you liked their price. Most clients make the mistake of selecting services based on quotes. Sometimes, it is wiser to pay a tad more for a company that’s experienced and is willing to work in a transparent manner for your brand. Get estimates for sure, but that shouldn’t be the only factor. 

Work process

Collaboration between the client and the web development company is critical for the success of the project. Find a company that will take your inputs, share details at every step of the design process and will offer an initial demo. How they create the website and the extent of tech support offered are other things to consider. 

Check online to shortlist services for web development now!


Tips For Collaborating With A Web Design Company For Your Brand!


Your business website is the most important component of your digital marketing plan. What may seem like a relevant theme and outline for the website may feel outdated within a year or two, and redesigning an existing website can be a challenge. If you are looking for Singapore website design companies, you need to find better ways to collaborate, and in this post, we are sharing details for making the most of your investment. 

Discuss your brand goals

As the client, you have every right to discuss brand goals, what you expect from the new website, functionalities required and so on. Make sure that the concerned web design company is aware of your needs, and for that, it is best to create a memo. The quote and discussion should be based on this memo. 

Ask questions

There are a few basic questions that every client needs to ask. For example – 

  1. How long have you been in the industry?

  2. Can you handle app development?

  3. What’s your experience with ecommerce design?

  4. Will you offer a website quote for free?

  5. Do you do a website audit?

  6. Will you offer client references?

  7. Who will be working on my project?

  8. Do you plan to show a demo of the website?

  9. Do you have any experience in SEO and online marketing?

  10. Can you show some of the recent websites you have done?

Review the quote

The quote is critical, but shouldn’t be the only reason to hire a company. Do negotiate, but it is never a bad idea to pay a tad more for a website design company that has more experience and has worked with brands with a similar profile as yours. 

Finally, be involved. As long as you ask relevant things during the design process, your website will turn out to be exactly what you wanted.